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PERSONAL TRAINING CENTRES - GAMDEVI CENTRE: Ocean Prince Bldg, 57, Pandita Ramabai Marg, Opp. Gamdevi Police Station, Gamdevi, Mumbai–7.      WORLI CENTRE: 1st Floor, 107, Navneelam CHS, R.G. Thadani Marg, Worli, Mumbai–18.           
Personal Training
Do you go to a gym to exercise or to train?
It may sound like we are talking about the same thing, but we are not.

The difference between a normal person and an athlete is that at every training session an Athlete tries to do better than what he did yesterday. He plans his training and conditions his mind to be stronger. It is no surprise that athletes have the best bodies.

At Elite Fitness, we urge you to think like an athlete. To Compete with yourself!!

We don’t just want you to exercise, we want you to TRAIN. Irrespective of your age or what kind of body you have, you can train yourself to do better, to be better. 

We want to help you be a better athlete with Lean Mass
  Lean Mass = Metabolism
Lean Mass = Curves in all the right spots
Lean Mass = Strength in old age
Lean Mass = Keeping up with your kids
Lean Mass = A good reason to eat more food...
                   and the ability to burn more calories
Lean Mass = Functional Strength
Lean Mass = Confidence
Lean Mass = Looking awesome in a T-shirt, no matter what gender,
                   no matter where you go
Lean Mass = Swimwear
Health & Fitness Consultation & Fitness Testing
Your training at Elite Fitness begins with a confidential Health & Fitness Consultation & Fitness Testing.

At this first session we will assess all the factors that need to be considered while designing a training program that will suit you. You will quickly realize that we take our mission of offering you Health by Design very seriously. Straight away, you will get a real sense of the personal value and benefit of doing fitness training with a personal trainer, who will guide, encourage, motivate and track your progress & achievements.
Training Kids
(6-18yrs) at Elite Fitness
We are passionate about the importance of structured resistance training for kids as young as 6 years. Our kids are creating a digital-savvy world around them, but there is a definite increase seen in postural problems that kids of today are facing. Physiotherapy is a flourishing profession with a lot of children being seen as patients.

Until the time that technology gets completely integrated into their lives, we see a need to over-compensate the physiological development of these kids by using means such as structured resistance training. When done 1-3 times a week, it has a huge potential to correct any problems that may arise posturally and structurally to a child’s body as a result of the increased digital interaction that is consuming their world.

Watch this video (8 mins) to understand our point of view on training kids. 
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